Mistress Danzerlace’s Rules

Locked in Chastity

10 Commandments of Compulsory Chastity

  1. As your owner owns every part of you she is entitled to determine which bits are used and when. Your owner therefore has the right to secure your genitals in any sort of chastity device of her choosing whenever she likes and for whatever period she likes.
  2. Your owner does not require any reason or justification to lock you in a chastity device. The fact that she wants to is reason enough.Whether you do or don’t want her to is irrelevant
  3. You may not attempt to remove or circumvent any device with which you owner fits you. You are obliged to co-operate with your owner in the fitting of the device, help her in the securing of your genitals and draw her attention to any shortcomings in the functioning of the device so that she may ensure that it performs as she intends.
  4. You must…

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Submit to the Dictatorship of Women

A good read if you support female Supremacy


Sometimes, though not as often as i might like, a guy will say that he wants to take his submission to his Wife (or his slavery to his Goddess, or his service to his Lady, or whatever) to the next level. “i’m not sure how to do that,” he says, and “you’re so wise and clever, will,” he says (i paraphrase), “that maybe you could suggest something.”

This post is a mind-dump of that sort of thing. Mistresses are welcome to read on, but these boring practicalities are not meant for You. Although, if You find something here that Your own male(s) is not providing, i hope You will demand Your natural rights of him.

img_3970 if he doesn’t have any clothes, he can’t leave the house

This is a step-by-step guide to establishing a Female dictatorship in your own home. It comes with the health warning that…

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